The First Question You Should Ask in Making Disciples

Since Jesus’ command to us is to make disciples, we probably ought to know what it is we are making. In other words, the first question we need to ask is, what is a disciple?

Without a clear picture of what a disciple is, your church strategy will be impotent. Your attendance may rise due to some attractive programs or events, but you will not be making disciples who make disciples. Certainly, God’s Spirit trumps man’s plans and wherever His church preaches the gospel some disciples will always be produced, but without a clear picture of what you are making, disciples will be made in spite of your programming, not because of it.

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In fact, I believe most, dare I say all, problems in the church boil down to a discipleship issue. If you have fights over worship, it is a discipleship issue. If people don’t share Christ, it’s a discipleship issue. If people aren’t generous, it’s a discipleship issue. [Read more…]